We provide innovative marketing and SEO services that you will not find anywhere else.


Planning and analysis

We perform analyses of the market niche of your product or service in order to identify the keywords best suited for SEO optimization. Our analysis is very accurate and aims at identifying the best keywords, allowing you to understand whether it is best to have an AdWords marketing campaign or a SEO campaign. Our analysis is specific to each nation and language.

ON-PAGE Optimization

We optimize the website pages and its structure. These improvements include texts modifying, new texts, optimizing the HTML tags such as H1, H2, SPAN tags, and, if necessary, improving the speed of your website, optimizing the URLs’ SEO, creating site maps, creating an internal structure, and adding the website to Google Analytics and to Google Webmaster Tools.

OFF-PAGE Optimization

This is the most important and complex phase. Off-page optimization means creating links, called backlinks, that direct to your site. There are many kinds of backlinks: Social Bookmarks, Blog Links, Press Release. In this phase we use the best tools and services in the field. I also cooperate with international SEO professionals to always guarantee the best service.


The SEO package typology used by all sector firms is the one that yields the best guarantees both for the client and for the company. It is used specifically because it is not possible to calculate and foresee precisely how Google will respond to the SEO optimization. To provide you the best guarantees, you can request the BASIC optimization for only one month, so that we can verify the effectiveness of our strategy to evaluate if we can apply it to future plans or if it is necessary to revisit it.

  • Optimize the costs
  • You can personally verify the effectiveness of the campaign and see some results from the first month
  • You can discontinue the campaign when you wish

It requires a monthly payment that varies depending on the dimension of the SEO campaign you need. Our optimization process continues until the keywords are placed on Google’s first page or until it gets discontinued. Our different packages do not vary on the basis of variously selected keywords, but the more competitive a keyword is, the longer it will take to place it on the first page. I will indicate the best keywords based on our PHASE 1 analysis. Each month we will send updated statistics on the progress of the placement.

$130 / MONTH


Up to 3 keywords
Up to 1 page
Included report
$220 / MONTH


Up to 6 keywords
Up to 2 pages
Included report
$450 / MONTH


Up to 12 keywords
Up to 4 pages
Included report
$820 / MONTH


Up to 24 keywords
Up to 8 pages
Included report


This kind of package is only offered by Pixor and cannot be easily found anywhere else. Its difference from from our monthly SEO plans is that it does not require any upfront or monthly payment, it only requires a final payment when the keyword is finally located on Google’s first page. If the placement does not occur, no payment is needed.

  • Maximum guarantee, no risk
  • You will not find this service anywhere else
  • Convenient for competitive keywords

Like for the monthly SEO plans, we will indicate, on the basis of the PHASE 1 analysis, the best keywords. To each word we associate a price required for its placement on Google’s first page. This is the price that you pay only if the keyword gets successfully placed.



On-page SEO relates to all the optimization work internal to the website, that is, on the pages of the website, on its contents, on its structure, and on the technologies it uses. It is very important and it should always be made for the main pages of a website. On-page SEO is essential for all SEO campaigns, the off-page SEO campaign cannot give good results if an on-page optimization has not been performed first. It can be carried out independently from the off-page SEO campaign and can lead to moderate improvements on Google placement.

This optimization includes improving the speed of the website, creating site maps, optimizing robots.txt files, modifying and adding some texts, optimizing the META TAG and the HTML TAGS, creating an internal web of links, and much more. If you do not know how your website is placed, or if you simply have no idea of which keywords are the best for your website, please request an analysis.


FROM $10


Advanced services to optimize your website


We check your website to verify your level of SEO optimization and your current placements. This analysis aims at understanding if a website is already visible and reachable by the users.

From $50


Speed is everything. A slow website drives away potential clients and is penalized on search engines such as Google. If you think that your website is slow, you need to put in place some interventions.

From $20


If your website has been infected by a virus, it is essential to perform a thorough clean up of the website and of the related hosting. If Google and other search engines notice that your website is infected, they will notify the users, stopping them from visiting it.

From $200


The world of the internet is very broad and there are many services that can be useful to a company or to an individual. If you need a service that is not mentioned on this website, please contact me and I will send you further details or a free estimate of the costs within 48 hours.