Developer and web designer

I am a developer and web designer who graduated in Web and Multimedia Technologies at the University of Udine. I have been programming since I was 16-years-old and I am mainly involved in the development of web software. I have realized plugins and themes for WordPress, dozens of web sites and HTML templates, some web portals in ASP.NET and in Visual Basic as well as several graphic projects. I cooperate with experts from around the world and I realize commercial software sold internationally to thousands of clients. My excellent skills guarantee an extremely high quality level. The sectors in which I am most proficient are programming in HTML\CSS, Javascript, PHP, and web design with Photoshop. I have worked for important brands such as Tour De Pologne, Val Piave and Astoria.

I have established some partnership with well-known programmers such as Álvaro Trigo, who has realized softwares used by companies such as Google and Sony. Thanks to my constant cooperation with experts from around the world, I have acquired an excellent command of the English language.



Level 5 author, with thousands of sold products, customers rating 5/5. Envato is the greatest B2B and B2C marketplace for digital products worldwide. Less than 1% of the developers that apply for participation are accepted.

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Mentor at Codementor. Codementor is an on-demand market that connects the best developers, consultants, and engineers of the world. It allows its customers to receive immediate professional assistance, guaranteed via chat or video conference.

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